BLAG GNU/LINUX 140000 review

BLAG is a libre and gratis GNU/Linux distribution, based on Fedora and made by the Brixton Linux Action Group. It is designed to be easy to use, with all the programs that one would need. The ideology behind BLAG is anarchism, which may be a concern for some. Programs include Audacity, MPlayer, GNUzilla Icecat, and GIMP. BLAG 140000(Spartakus) is based on Fedora 14, and was released in 2011. A new version, BLAG 200000, based on Fedora 20, is in the works, and an Alpha version can be found on their forums, this new version is meant for programmers rather than basic desktop users. BLAG is a decent distro, with enough functionality for most users, but due to how out of date it is, I would not recommend it unless you like Fedora 14, or are an Anarchist(I'm sure those go hand in hand). BLAG 140000 for i686 and x86_64 can be downloaded here: